10 Summer Skin Care Tips For Men (2023)

How To Shave Beard In Summer?

Summer is a time for experimentation, and this summer beards are in vogue.  However, they still have to be trimmed.  A myriad of beard styles are out there – some require a lot of attention, others not so much.  Be careful not to abandon your Bump Patrol directional shave during the summer or with the addition of a beard. A down stroke ’til you get to the Adam’s Apple and an upstroke below the Adams Apple.  Never ever never a backstroke.

For all seasons, I say shave in the morning. My regime goes something like this. First, I cleanse my face using my hands and warm water while in the shower,  sometimes I use a cloth but never anything really abrasive. The best time to shave is just after the shower when the skin has absorbed as much water as it can hold, the steam and warmth has softened the beard and skin.  Lather up with Bump Patrol Shave Gel and use the Directional Shaving Method.

Sometimes I like to shave in the shower with a fogless mirror because shaving in the shower is quick and hydrating.  Shaving is usually the last thing I do before I leave the shower. I like using a brush to apply the Bump Patrol Cool Shaving gel. Even though there are several varieties of bristles to choose from I prefer badger, there are some nice boar bristle ones as well.  I use the shave brush to work up a good lather.  I use and recommend the multi blade razors.  When I get out of the shower, I pat my face dry with a towel, pour some Bump Patrol aftershave in the palm of my hand and smooth it on. The results is a smooth, healthy face without any bumps or in-grown hairs.  At night after cleansing I use a little toner and moisturizer.

What Are The Bad Male Skin Care Habits To Break Now?

The summer sun can be relaxing, but you should never let it relax your routine when it comes to skincare. We can get into some bad habits, especially during the summer.Bad habits to break:

  • Using the bottom of your shirt to wipe your face (or hand) multiple times. Hands have touched workout machines, doors, etc. – keep a clean towel or handkerchief handy.
  • Touching your face. Keep your hands off your face to avoid spreading bacteria
  • Not shaving regularly. Vacations can break your habit of shaving every day for your job or daily routine – don’t let that happen!

How To Care Men’s Skin In Hot Weather?

Summer can be a hard time for skincare. Something about the heat makes us relax – including our using hygiene. To keep it smooth in the summer, here are my recommendations:

  • The biggest thing for men is to keep your face clean, which can be challenging because summer means heat & perspiration
  • An irregular shaving routine can lead to more razor bumps, so stay consistent!
  • Use sunscreen to avoid hypo and hyper pigmentation – the ideal SPF varies by individual, but 30 is the gold standard for all skin colors and types
  • Continue cleansing & exfoliating skin, and use a good moisturizer

Keep it clean, fellas!

How To Glow Skin For Male Naturally In Summer?

In the summer, it is vitally important that men keep their faces clean; I recommend that guys wash their faces at least twice a day. It is also very important to ensure that you use a good sun block. Playing ball outside is all good, but before you go make sure you at least protect yourself from the sun.

During the summer months men tend to perspire much more heavily. If you don’t wash properly, sweat can clog your pores and become a nightmare for your skin. So for best results in the summer, keep the skin hydrated by drinking lots of liquid and use skin care treatments that seal in moisture – I recommend Bump Patrol Cool Shaving Gel and the Bump Patrol regular or Maximum Strength formulas.  Use sunscreen products religiously if you’re going to be outside.

A good skin care regimen is important for men to keep in mind year around.  Remember, put you best face forward, take care of your skin, and you will have a look for all seasons.

  • Cleanse your face daily to remove dirt, oil and sweat build-up
  • Avoid abrasive cleansers or scrubs (puffs, loofahs), which can irritate skin
  • Cleanse facial skin with your fingertips and massage gently in a circular motion
  • Use cleansing products designed for your skin type: oily, dry, normal, combination, sensitive, acne-prone or hyperpigmenting
  • Exfoliate if you need to remove dull, dead skin cells by using gentle movement. Test the toner and washcloth methof on a small patch of skin first: putting a few drops of skin toner on a damp white terry face cloth and rub gently in a circular motion to remove dead skin cells. Rinse with cool water and pat dry.
  • For the best advice on gentle face cleansers, check with your dermatologist.


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