Best Back Hair Shaver Comparison 2022:Mangroomer SKU 211-6 vs. Norelco Bodygroom Plus BG2038

A common question for those who manscape themselves is what is the best back hair shaver in town. Question like this does not come up frequently. When you talk about body grooming, you usually  mention only shaving the sensitive parts of the body like the groin and armpits. But of course, back hair shaving is part, and we would say, a big part of manscaping.

There are two products that comes in mind when it comes to back hair shaving: Mangroomer SKU 211-6 and Norelco Bodygroom Plus BG2038. These two grooming tools are the most popular and well-known shavers when it comes to back hair shaving.  These two body shavers have their own edge and superiority when compared together. But the answer to which can be your best back hair shaver depends on how you would want to treat your back shaving and how you exploit the inherent uses of these manscaping tools.

Mangroomer SKU 211-6

When you talk about back hair shaving, it is almost synonymous with Mangroomer SKU 211-6. Why is this so? It is because for the obvious reason that this back hair shaver is designed with the sole purpose of shaving your back . It is created only for this purpose and nothing else. It is then not surprising that after its long years of existence in the market, the brand recall for this back shaver is so strong.

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Best MANGROOMER – PROFESSIONAL Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver

 Simple to Use ! Makes Trimming Easy ! – Excellent product. Exactly as described. Simple design is easy to use and clean. Great non-slip finish. Flexible positions and extensions allow trimming in hard-to-reach places!

Here are its best features:

  • Adjustable Handle with Extreme Reach. You must understand that this tool is for shaving your back. So an ingenious way for it to perform its task is with an extended adjustable handle. Its handle is measured at over two feet in length. This ensures that shaving the most difficult part of your back is addressed.
  • Premium Extra-wide Blade Design. The blade measures 1.5 inches in width and this makes it the best back hair shaver since fewer strokes are needed for a complete back shave. It also allows for a smooth, close shave and is less potential for ingrown hairs.
  • Superb Design. What makes Mangroomer SKU 211-6 a perfect back hair shaver is its ergonomic and lightweight design. Its manufacturer knows the challenges of shaving your back so they designed this back shaver with 100% rubberized feature. This makes it easier for you to handle with the no-slip rubber grip and handle.

Norelco Bodygroom Plus BG2038

Bodygroom Plus BG2038 is the most popular product of Norelco for back hair shaving. We can say we can trust this body groomer because its manufacturer, Philips Norelco, is well-respected when it comes in creating great shavers. We are assured that all the shaving technologies available right now in the market is used in this manscaping tool. Notable among these shaving innovations is the hypoallergenic foil that helps us avoid skin irritation and itchiness.

Here are its features:

  • Hypoallergenic Foil. As we mentioned above, Norelco Bodygroom Plus BG2038 has a built-in hypoallergenic foil. What this means is that the user is assured of free skin irritation and itchiness. This usually happens when you shave your body hair and Norelco addressed this with this feature.
  • Water Resistant. Like all great body shavers, Bodygroom Plus BG2038 is water resistant. You are free to use it in or out of the shower depending on your needs. This feature also allows you to do back shaving anytime and anywhere you want.
  • Trim and Shave Below the Neck. Since you are looking for great back hair shaver, this is one of its forte. And we say only one. You can use Bodygroom Plus BG2038 to shave any part of your body below the neck without the hesitation and fear that it cannot perform a better shaving.


It is quite obvious that Mangroomer SKU 211-6 and Bodygroom Plus BG2038 have their own strong points when compared with each other. It is also easy to conclude that if you want to have the best back hair shaver for the only purpose of shaving your back hair, you can easily go for Mangroomer SKU 211-6. But if you want a better, all-around back hair shaver that can also address some of your manscaping activities, then going for Norelco Bodygroom Plus BG2038 is wise. Another thing is Bodygroom Plus BG2038 is packed with shaving innovations and technologies you would want in a great back hair shaver.


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