Dollar Shave Club Review!

The elegant, simple and cheap subscription models of men’s razors introduced last year by Dollar Shave Club along with very funny and intensely made videos had increased the business of their razors to new heights as compared to that of many other renowned companies. Though Dollar Shave Club did not make that much profit through their campaign as other companies like Schick or Gillette had earned but the skillful presentation of the understanding of 4 marketing P’s, including product, price, place and promotion, had proved that you can affect the sales of even the most popular brands with a little skillful effort. The Dollar Shave Club review provided in this article will help you in understanding the concept and go for it immediately.

Most of the people find it difficult to spend on razors at the stores due to their higher cost. Most of the times they wait for discount sales or free coupons to buy these razors at lower or cheaper price. But the  fabulously frugal’ razors offered by Dollar Shave Club last year had made it easy for the users to get them at a very reasonable price. They deliver the razors at your doorstep at a very cheap rate along with other accessories including stainless steel razors a handle, and optional shave butter, and one wipe charlies. They ship it in very nice an sturdy boxes and the price varies from $1 – $19 including shipping charges and taxes, which is much cheaper than the razors and 4 cartridges of any other renowned brand say Gillette. 

Every self respecting man would be a fool not to  join this awesome company as it supplies the ordered razors very elegantly. Most of the people who joined  found that the Dollar Shave Club and their products fabulous and recommended others to it. You can order your razors here at You will receive your handle and the razor cartridges for as low as $1/month + S&H in just under a week.

You can easily compare the reasonably priced razors supplied by Dollar Shave Club because it is $1/month for 5 stainless steel cartridges, as compared to the razor cartridges available at stores at $ 22.99. Along with executive class razors Dollar Shave Club also provide a tube of shave butter which may cost you not less than $8 while purchasing a similar product from stores for $15+. So it is very reasonable and amazingly cheap for the people buying razors even at discounted prices from the stores.

When you join Dollar Shave Club, it offers you three types of razors from which you have to choose one and pay a small monthly fee with your order. Club will send them every month to your doorstep. This is a very small commitment because they deliver you new razors every month. You can stop the supplies of razor forever or for a month or two only by accessing your free account online and advising them accordingly. No additional charges are placed upon you for discontinuing their services.

Dollar Shave Club also offers various other accessories needed during shaving for which you can order online along with your regular razor supplies. These items include additional tube of Shave Butter and One Wipe Charlies. You can add them to your regular orders or order them once depending upon your own needs. There is no compulsion on you to order them every month. But once you start using them, you can not resist ordering them due to your great shaving experience and it’s manly fragrance.

Dollar Shave Club had also introduced a promotional offer to its regular customers. They offer you a perk of $5 for introducing each and every friend to this club to sign up. This will help you in getting free razors every month after few months if you go on introducing your friends to them. Club also offers gift cards to purchase for the holidays or other many events you can give them to your grandfather, father, hell even your hairy uncle Bob. The ordering process adopted by Dollar Shave Club and the quick and timely delivery of their quality products are extremely great features that attract many people to join this club, who want to buy quality shaving products at a very cheap price.

After reading this review of the Dollar Shave Club I hope you make the very manly decision of ordering manly products from them. These are super cheap prices for such a manly product. I hope you make the right choice!

If you want to join the Dollar Shave Club then:

Click Here! 

“Overall, I am very pleased with the ordering process, quick delivery time and product quality of the Dollar Shave Club. I am excited to stop spending so much on razors in the store!” – Jessica

“I would certainly recommend trying this one for yourself as it could save you some serious cash in the long run.” –

“Dollar Shave Club gets a solid thumbs up and earns the coveted 5 Bob Weiner rating. Shave with confidence, boys.” – Krishna

” I am thoroughly satisfied with the service that Dollar Shave Club Supplies, they provide high quality and cheap razors, which help me save hundreds of dollars each year!” – Craig


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