Electric Shavers: Tips For Men With Acne

Shaving can be annoying enough as it is, but when you add acne on top of that, it can be a massive pain in the ass.. You really have to be careful when you’re shaving with acne, because it’s easy to cut your acne, leading to painful and bloody wounds. As you can imagine, that’s really not a look that’s popular with the ladies.

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to minimize the ordeal we go through when we’re shaving with acne, and here is a guide to making it work better for you. It’s very important that you develop both a proper shaving technique as well as get into the habit of taking proper care of your skin, and this guide will get into both of these topics.

Electric Shavers Are Better Than Razors For Those With Acne

It might be obvious, but electric shavers are generally a lot better for shaving when you have acne. Since razorblades cut close to the skin, it’s very easy to accidentally cut your acne, which is never a good thing. However, most electric shavers work in a way so that it’s impossible for this to happen. The blades will never come close enough to your skin to cause any irritation or injury.

If you are a guy with acne, I strongly recommend getting yourself a good electric shaver. It will save you a lot of grief and pain, and it’s well worth it in the long run. A good electric shaver will not only eliminate the risk of cutting your acne, but it also gives you a much better chance of avoiding irritating the skin around it, too.

However, getting an electric shaver isn’t quite enough. You also need to follow a good skincare regime; this will help remove dead skill cells and help promote the healthy growth of new ones, reducing your acne altogether and making shaving much easier in the process.

Chose the right Electric Shaver

My choice for the best electric shaver for acne is the Panasonic ES-LA93-K. It has a pop-up trimmer and foil blades, which are excellent for those of us with acne. It’s insane how much nicer this is as opposed to a manual shave. Highly recommended! Check the price on Amazon here – it has free shipping and free returns, too.

Simply owning an electric shaver and using it haphazardly isn’t going to make your situation any easier. You have to shave with a proper technique; improperly running an electric shaver across your acne-stricken face is not going to leave you in a pretty state afterward. It’s absolutely vital to take proper care of your skin so that shaving with your electric shaver is easier.

When shaving with your electric shaver and you have acne, always cut with the grain of your hair. While cutting against the grain provides for a closer shave, this isn’t really what we want when we have acne. Cutting with the grain prevents inflammation and reduces the risk of irritating your skin.

Use a Shaver With Sharp Blades

It goes without saying that you should never use any kind of razor or shaver with dull blades. This is doubly so when it comes to shaving with acne; make sure that your electric shaver blades are always sharp.

Shave in the Shower, or After the Shower

If you get an electric shaver, I’d recommend a model that can be used in the shower. Turn the water to about medium temperature — not too hot or cold — which will help open up your pores and soften the stubble to make shaving much easier.

If you can’t shave in the shower, I still recommend shaving after having a warm shower for the above reasons. It’s not quite as good as shaving directly in the shower, but still much better than nothing at all.

Use a Good Moisturizer after Dry Shave

If you have an electric shaver that works only with a dry shave, this can also work for you. Be sure to only use light, sweeping strokes, and always use a good moisturizer when you’re finished. This will help prevent irritation and also help your acne, as well.

Exfoliate Your Skin Daily

While acne care is beyond the scope of this article, it’s still a very good idea to educate yourself on proper skincare. You should develop a skincare regime that involves daily exfoliation of your skin. The best way to do so is to purchase skincare products that are specifically designed for those with acne or sensitive skin. Get into the habit of doing this daily; it will make a massive difference in your skin over time.

Conclusion on Shaving With Acne

This should mostly cover everything you need to know when it comes to shaving with acne. As long as you follow my directions, you really should not have any issues and shaving should be as pain-free as possible. You should read up more on proper skincare for treating acne, but you probably have a good general idea of what you should be doing by now. Good luck with your shaving!


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