How To Get Smooth Skin On Face For Guys Naturally At Home?

How To Get Consistently Smooth Skin After Shaving?

Consistently smooth skin can be achieved by using a combination of Bump Patrol’s Directional Shave Method, the correct application of shave and aftershave products, and a multi-blade razor.

Using a mud pack will help to tighten skin, loosen blackheads and erase worry lines.

Moisturizers will give skin a much healthier look, ready it for harsh winter weather and promote healthy skin renewal.

A smooth face and well-shaped mustache coupled with chapped lips is NOT a good look, fellas. Here’s the solution: Exfoliate your lips with a moistened toothbrush or washcloth. Gently brush across your lips, pat to remove excess water and apply a lip balm of your choice. This will help ensure that your lips are almost as kissably soft as hers.

Why You Should Drink Water For Clear Skin?

Skin isn’t just on your face – you need to care for the skin on your whole body. It’s your largest organ with multiple purposes: covers & protects, regulates temperature, and allows only some particles to pass through. And that’s without taking into account the beauty skin creates. So how do you take care of it?

Most importantly, drink water! The ideal amount of water is 50% of body weight in ounces per day. That means water, not just “fluids.” There are lots of myths and mistruths when it comes to hydration, the chief of which involves alcohol.

You cannot rehydrate by drinking beer or alcohol. Alcohol is a diuretic – you lose more than you put in (for example, drink 12 oz. of beer and lose 14 oz. of water). The body looks for “free water” which doesn’t include soda, beer, etc.

On the other hand, electrolyte drinks such as Gatorade are excellent for the replacement of fluids. The main issue comes from the fact that the average person may not know the difference between an energy drink vs electrolytes vs. fruit juice or water with vitamins.


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