How To Prevent Razor Burn With An Electric Shaver?

While electric shavers are generally much less prone to razor burn when compared to razors, it can still be an issue if you don’t use the proper technique. Razor burn is the annoying irritation of the skin which usually looks red and can be very frustrating. If you’ve been suffering from razor burn while using your electric razor, here are some tips to help reduce this problem and make your shaving experience a much better one.

Tips For Reducing Razor Burn: Before You Shave

Preventing razor burn while shaving with your electric shaver starts before you even put the razor to your face. There are some things you should know and do, involving both pre-shaving preparation and shaver upkeep.

  • First of all, before you even start shaving, use a loofah or soft rag to scrub your face with either a facial scrub or, if you have to, water. This will remove any dead skin cells which brings out ingrown hairs and in return helps to reduce the chances of razor burn.
  • Always use sharp blades. This is probably a pretty obvious one, but shaving with a dull blade, either with an electric shaver or a standard razor, is a recipe for razor burn. While replacement shaver blades can sometimes be expensive depending on the model you have, it’s not worth tearing your face up with dull blades to save a few dollars.
  • Adding onto the above tip, make sure that you regularly clean your electric shaver. Do so after ever time you use it, and also lubricate the blades regularly to keep them working optimally.
  • Consider shaving while in the shower. If not, shave after the shower. I’ll tell you why in the next section.

Tips For Reducing Razor Burn: While Shaving

Once you’ve done all of the necessary preparation, it’s time to actually get to shaving your face. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when you’re shaving, so be sure to follow the directions carefully to minimize the chances of developing razor burn.

  • Always start shaving in the most sensitive areas of your face. Since electric razors tend to heat up after being in use for a while, this heat may in turn irritate your skin.
  • Shave either in the shower or right after the shower. If you have an electric shaver that can work in the shower, that’s fine, but if not, it also works okay if you shave directly after having the shower. Use a water temperature that is neither too hot nor too cold — medium is about perfect. This helps open up your facial pores and also softens the hair, making it both easier to shave and also reduces the chances of razor burn.
  • If you don’t shave in or after the shower, be sure to always use warm water rather than cold. Cold water causes goosebumps on your face, which when combined with shaving, is a recipe for bad razor burn.
  • Shave with the grain of your hair and not against the grain. While shaving against the grain will give you a much closer shave, this also means that you have a far greater chance of irritating your skin. You should also be aware that different parts of your facial hair grow in different directions, so you can’t simply shave in one straight direction all the time.
  • Avoid going over the same area of your face more than once. I know that electric shavers are sometimes not the best at giving the closest shave possible, but every time you go over your skin, the shaver removes a small layer of skin. Again, this contributes to your razor burn issues.

Tips For Reducing Razor Burn: After You’re Finished Shaving

When you finish shaving, you should do a few things which will also go a long way toward preventing razor burn.

  • When you’re done shaving, rinse your skin thoroughly, either with cold water or a facial lotion. You should then either pat-dry your face, or let it air dry. Don’t rub your face with a towel or anything else; this can cause further irritation.
  • Apply a facial moisturizer: either an aftershave or water-based moisturizer is best. Make sure that these are alcohol and fragrance-free products, because either of these can be a skin irritant, especially if you just shaved your face.

Electric Shavers With Built-in Gel Dispensers Can Help

If you find that after all of this, you’re still suffering from skin irritation or razor burns, there is one other option you might consider. Some electric shavers have a built-in gel dispenser that lubricates your face while you shave. This reduces friction, and can do a lot for helping you to reduce your razor burn.

Our Recommendation: The Best Electric Shaver For Razor Bumps

Generally, the best way to avoid razor burn is to use a wet shave; it is a good solution for most people. Therefore, I highly recommend the Panasonic ES-LA63-S, which is a wet/dry electric shaver that’s really great. Most electric shavers are for dry shaves only, but this one isn’t.

If you have trouble with razor burns and bumps, this shaver should make a huge difference for you. This is a great shaver for those of us that suffer from razor burn!

Not only that, but this is simply a great shaver overall. It’s really nice to use, and gives a pretty close shave. I love it.


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