Manscaping Guide: How To Shave/Trim Top 10 Hairy Areas (How-Tos 2022)

While manscaping has become fairly common, men still have questions about conquering uncharted territory with a razor.  Bump Patrol, the No. 1 razor bump treatment on the market, sheds light on body shaving with this section-by-section guide.

  • Top of the Head – Treat it as a normal part of shaving the face, starting at the crown and shaving downward. Follow up with a rinse and a cross-stroke for an ultra-smooth finish.
  • Eyebrows – For wiry strays, comb eyebrows straight up and trim ends that extend above the brows’ natural arch. Use precision scissors, not a razor.  For a unibrow, consider professional threading. If a salon is out of the question, prepare the area with a wet, warm towel and pluck single strands from the center. Weed it, don’t clear it. And don’t create unnatural lines.
  • Armpits – Trim bushy pits with scissors to prevent deodorant traps and to eliminate hair that sticks out when arms are down. Closer grooming requires an electric trimmer with about a ½-inch guide.  Take it further, and a clean shave becomes a maintenance commitment to groom religiously – which some men take quite literally, as with Muslim men whose strict interpretation of their religion calls for removal of armpit hair.
  • Forearms – Make long, smooth strokes along the grain of the hair.  Use a light touch and bulging veins won’t be an issue. Rinse and then use outward cross-strokes to eliminate stubble. Don’t stroke back toward the chest.
  • Chest – Stand straight with the chest out to pull skin tight. Shave downward with a light touch, avoiding nipples.  Let the razor do the work.
  • Back – If it’s grizzly-like, take action or never go shirtless.  A long-lasting professional wax is the best option, since shaving a back requires regular maintenance and another set of hands.
  • Buttocks – Just like the cheeks on a face, shave these cheeks downward, too. Avoid painful bumps by applying therapeutic aftershave, not the fragranced variety.
  • Groin – Here again, grooming levels vary.  Lightly pull the skin in the opposite direction of the razor’s stroke so that the surface area is flat.  As always, shave with the grain.  Keep in mind that an all-out shave requires maintenance or a high tolerance for itching.
  • Legs – Really? When shaving legs, do it just like a girl, but initial trimming might be required. Short, downward razor strokes work best, rinsing after each pass. Follow with cross-strokes.
  • Toes – If tufts of hair grow on the big toes, take them down with a trimmer. No questions asked. If sandals aren’t part of the wardrobe, leave the hairy digits alone.


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