Norelco QT4070 Vacuum Beard and Stubble Trimmer Series Review 2022

Having moustache and beard does not mean you are a caveman; that is if you only know how to maintain it. But, as it is everybody’s experience, getting an even-looking cut for your beard and stubble is difficult and almost impossible to do using a wet shaver. This simple truth is what those people from Philips Norelco surely have in mind when they released their vacuum beard, stubble and moustache trimmer series. If you want to maintain a stubble and beard and yet you want your facial hair to still exude a classy and neat rugged look, then a vacuum beard trimmer is the one for you.

Vacuum beard trimmer is of unparalleled performance. You have the ability to trim you facial hair with its 18 length settings; from 1/32 inch to 23/32 inch. If that is hard for you to imagine, just picture Sean Penn with his stylish moustache and goatee; Ashton Kutcher with close clipped beard; or Sean Connery with his whiskers and white beard that gives him a dashing look.

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Best Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer QT4070

Amazing Product! – Absolutely fantastic product! The product not only looks the part for the price you’re paying but it also functions like it too. The adjustable trimming head is sturdy and very simple to use while the vacuum feature is very effective and saves your time from having to clean sink! you have used a variety of grooming tools but Phillips Norelco simply make the best grooming tools for men! Will never use another brand again!

What makes this series go further than your expectation is it has a built-in vacuum that keeps short, cut hairs messing up your basin. This is also perfect if you are a guy who is time-crunched and have to trim your beard on the go. No messing, just plain doing the works. The series is turbo powered with a touch of a button; and it can last up to 50 minutes running time with its lithium ion batteries on an hour charge.

This vacuum beard trimmer is designed to run with a cord or without it; as Philips Norelco says it “gives you freedom to style your facial hair wherever, whenever”. You also don’t have to worry for it being accidentally turned on once it is in your bag – it features a lock to prevent this.

So if you love to have your facial hair but want a reliable assistant to make sure you don’t end up looking like a caveman but rather will still give you that neat, classy rugged look, Philips Norelco Vacuum Beard, Stubble Trimmer series is your product of choice.


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