Panasonic ER-GN20-K Black Cutter Etiquette Review (2023)


This trimming device has been popular in the market because of the benefits that it provides its users and the slim look. Note there is also a white version for the fashionable persons. It looks perfect as a gift for the younger person. Get satisfaction from the below list of advantages that this device can benefit you:

  • Secure trimming. One of the significant advantages that the device offers is safety during trimming which should not be compromised. The blades are protected with a safety cone to ensure that they will not cut or cause injury to the skin making your grooming very enjoyable. Blades are also hypoallergenic to care for the user’s sensitive skin.
  • The use of a rotary blade system can allow ease of use and great performance. As the device is small, this can reach the inner portions of the nose and walls of the ears along with giving details to your eyebrows and beards.
  • Easy and Fast Trimming. Unlike scissors or clippers, this trimmer can cut your unwanted hairs easily and painlessly.
  • You can do your grooming routine anytime you like as this could be sued both at home or can be carried in your pocket when traveling.

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Best Panasonic ER-GN20-K black cutter

Nice size and good quality – This Panasonic trimmer, on the other hand, is perfect for its class: it’s the right price, right size, right design and build quality and the motor can withstand very thick hair without snagging/pulling it out. It’s also great that it looks like a pen so it’s discreet and slips into your doop kit without any hassle. A brush is included for easy maintenance.


There are not many drawbacks regarding this device. Mostly, customers would talk against the battery life of the device which problem is very minimal. Using a good battery, you are good to go with your trimming job.


This is a great product that does its job exactly as it is designed. Many customers would highly recommend this trimmer. This is a very small device that can perform an outstanding job in cleaning embarrassing hairs making you look perfectly attractive again.

Getting rid of those annoying hairs peeping outside your nostrils is challenging particularly when you don’t have the right grooming tool. Given a handful of options in the market nowadays, choosing the right trimmer for you is confusing. If a better result is what you need, the Panasonic ER-GN20-K black cutter etiquette can deliver satisfactory performance. Put an end to the burden brought by cheaper trimmers that deliver poor performance or the painful trimming brought by scissors and tweezers. This Panasonic trimmer offers you all the comforts from cutting hairs, easy to use, and requires quick cleaning.


This Panasonic hair trimmer is built with exceptional features to guarantee the best grooming results. Find the below list of the product’s features:

  1. Hypo-allergenic, stainless steel blades. While cleanly trimming your unwanted hairs, the blades also protect sensitive skin keeping you away from any allergic reactions.
  2. Rotary Blade System with Safety Cone. Circular blade action is rendered by the rotary blade system resulting in efficient hair trimming. Moreover, the designed safety cone protects the skin from direct contact on the blades whereby preventing injuries.
  3. 100% Washable. This device is totally immersible providing an easy cleaning process. This only takes a few seconds to rinse the device under running water and the job gets perfectly done.
  4. Battery Operated. Using a single “AA” battery, this trimmer can deliver efficient results and will last for 90 minutes of operation.
  5. Wet/Dry Convenience. Experience convenience of use because this can be used on dry or during wet showers.


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