Philips Norelco 8020x – Moisturize Your Skin While Shaving

Men have different shaving needs.  This is what the Philips Norelco brand of shavers is trying to recognize with its 8020x Moisturizer Shaving System, the base model for its Nivea for Men series of shavers.  One problem that men encounter when shaving is a dry and irritated skin brought about by contact with the shaver heads.  This is what this model tries to avoid by partnering with one of the best brands in skin care, Nivea.

This partnership produces a product that will deliver a close shave while moisturizing the skin.  The best part with the 8020x is that it delivers this without the hassle of applying the shaving conditioner.  It all happens in just one click of a button.


  • Shaving conditioner.  It has a small compartment on the handle that will hold the Nivea Shaving Conditioner.  User has complete control of when to dispense conditioner which oozes out from the middle of the two shaving blades.
  • Slip-Free.  It has a slip-free handle which allows for use inside the shower.
  • Cordless.  The 8020x comes cordless with a shaving stand that doubles as a charging station.
  • Washable.  Cleaning the shaver head is easily done under running water.
  • Charging.  Eight hour charging for 30 minutes use.


  • Conditions.  Leaves the skin soft, there is no need to wash after shaving.
  • Flexible Use.  Can be conveniently used inside the shower; does not slip.  Can be used without the conditioner but works best with it.
  • Flex Tracker.  Shaving heads follow contours of the face for a closer shave.
  • Easy Refill.  Nivea conditioner can be refilled by just squeezing a bottle of conditioner right into the opening of the compartment.  Simply remove cap of bottle, point the bottle into the opening of the bottle then use the cartridge indicator as guide.


  • Expensive Conditioner.  If you do not use a shaving cream, you will find the shaving conditioner expensive.  Whole unit comes with a small Nivea conditioner however.


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