Philips Norelco G480 All-in-1 Premium Grooming System Review

If you are a hard-boiled metro-sexual or even a girl who just want to get rid of ugly hairs, then owning a Norelco complete grooming system is a must for you. (Yes, it is must that can give you that edge in being ahead in terms of complete grooming regimen.) There are many models you can choose from but what’s the latest as of this time is the Philips Norelco G480 All-in-1 Premium Grooming System. Now what does this complete grooming system has that older grooming system models, like G370 and G380, lack? Well, it has many to mention. And here are they.

Philips Norelco G480 – The Norelco Maximum Precision Groom Kit All-In-One 9 Pieces

You want to look exactly the way you like, isn’t it; and this is the definite reason why you want to own a complete grooming system. Philips Norelco through G480 All-in-1 Premium Grooming System gives this to you by introducing the revolutionary MicroBlade Technology. This grooming innovation can precisely create how your facial hair should look like according to your taste. The sharp blades are manufactured with sharpness that one stroke is enough to get a fast, clean shave. The grooming kit also features an open trimmer design and miniature cutting design. This provides you excellent control and visibility for getting a straight even lines when shaving.

More than this, it’s blades are made of hardened Inox steel that makes it sharper than titanium. You can also expect that they have a long life that replacing them can take years. Another feature of Philips Norelco G480 All-in-1 Premium Grooming System is that the hair clipper comb and beard and mustache combs are designed with a 9 locking settings.

This Norelco complete grooming system will give you satisfaction for that clean and neat look.


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