Philips SensoTouch 3D, The Most Advanced Philips Electric Shaver

Philips claim to have produced its most innovative and advanced electric shaver in its SensoTouch 3D series.  It features a flexible shaving head allowing the shaver to follow the contours of the face.  It also has a few of the Philips shaver patented innovations so it can deliver a close shave.  With these two features in one shaver, it’s no doubt that it can solve the two most common problems men have when it comes to shaving: skin irritation and not achieving a close shave.

And for men who have extra sensitive skin, this shaver line has the Aquatec seal which allows for a dry and wet shaving experience.  It does not ooze shaving lotion or balm, so you can freely choose what type of shaving cream to use on your face.


  • GyroFlex 3D System.  Allows its three rotating shaving heads to flex according to the contour of the face.
  • Lift&Cut Action.  Lifts and cuts hair in order to provide a close shave.
  • Cordless.  Shaver has no cord, charging is done on the Jet Clean+.
  • Jet Clean+.  Lubricates and cleans the shaving head.
  • Aquatec Seal.  Allows for dry and wet shaving.
  • Digital Display.  SensoTouch 3D utilizes its digital display in three ways-battery, replace shaving heads and cleaning indicators.
  • Charging and Battery Life.  1 Hour charging for 60 minutes use or 20 days.  Also allows for quick charging.


  • Easy to Maintain.  No more washing after shaving with its Jet Clean+.  This means less shaving time and longer use of Norelco blades.
  • Flexible Use.  This shaver is practically for anyone.  It allows for a wet shave for those who prefer to use shaving cream, conditioner or balm.  It is also okay for the classic dry shave and because of its GyroFlex and Lift&Cut technologies, you still achieve a close shave with no irritation.
  • Does not eat up too much power.  One-time charging is equal to 60 minutes shaving or an estimated 20 days of shaving.  It’s basically the best travel companion.


  • A bit pricey compared to other Philips shaver series.


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