Remington Products NE3845A Nose, Ear And Brow Trimmer Review (2022)

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There are numerous advantages when using this Remington grooming tool. From all the designed advanced features, you can totally benefit from the following advantages:

  • Reasonable price. Because this trimmer is made from quality design and materials, it could not be easily broken and will render loner usage. The price you pay for this device is worth the feature and performance it can deliver.
  • Elegant Device. This grooming tool is perfectly designed providing an outstanding look that is ideal for traveling or at home. You will never be ashamed while carrying this device as it has an elegant appeal.
  • Proficient Performance. You will really benefit from the performance of this trimmer. This trimmer can penetrate on tough to reach areas cutting those unwanted hairs without causing any pain.
  • Comfortable to Use, Clean, and Storage. You will never encounter problems in using the device as it is designed for comfortable grip and maneuver. Also, this could be rinsed under running water or facet making it easy to clean. The loop at the end of the device provides an easy way to hang it for storage.

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Best Remington NE3845A Nose, Ear & Detail Trimmer with Clean Boost Technology, Black

Very effective nose, ear and facial hair trimmers – So happy to have finally found perfect Remington nose hair trimmer that is very efficient and painless! It works pretty well with the sculpting (skinny) head .  It works great around and in the ear as well! Definitely recommended!


If there are advantages in using the product, customers can also experience little disadvantage. Some would comment on how this trimmer cut thicker hairs on the face. As this is an all-around trimmer, it gets poor performance in trimming thicker hairs. Nevertheless, this works well in other areas, especially on the nose and ears. The battery life is also a thing to consider as the battery is not too powerful to make this device operates well.


Investing in this grooming device is worth your purchase. Amazon customers are happy with what they have found in the box and last for a couple of months cleaning those excess hairs on the nose, hairs, and ears that make you look untidy. This device is something you would like to buy if a better result is what you actually need.

Having a proper groomer provides us with a positive impact especially when dealing with others. If you are facing problems on how to look tidy from annoying hairs on your nose, you need to find the perfect device according to your needs. Remington introduces one of its product lines – the Remington Products NE3845A Nose, Ear, and Brow Trimmer that totally cleans your hairs on the face, nose, and ears with zero risks of hurting your skin. Grooming using this device would only take a few minutes and get your best look to mingle with the crowd!


Like any other Remington products, this trimmer is equipped with great features in order to meet the client’s level of excellence and trimming needs. Check out the product’s features and how it could satisfy your needs:

  • Unique Anti-Microbial Nano Silver Coating. Helps your trimming done quicker and cleaner.
  • Comfort Trim Technology. This enables the prevention of nicks or cuts during trimming.
  • Wash-Out System. Provides an easy and faster way to clean the device.
  • Battery Operated. Using a single “AA” battery, you can manage to trim anywhere you go as the battery can sustain a maximum of 90 minutes of operation.
  • Wet/Dry Design. The device allows you to get your trimming done either outside or during your shower.
  • Rotary Head Attachment. Provides accurate cutting length and very ideal to cut hairs on the ears and nose.
  • Hang loop. Provides easy storage for easy access on your next grooming session.
  • Eyebrow Comb. Get the perfect eyebrow comb you always wanted to have with the attached eyebrow comb.


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