Safe And Efficient Ways For Nose Hair Removal (2022)

Nose Hair Removal – It is annoying when people look straight in your face because your nasal hairs are sprouting out from your nose. Though others would avoid talking about this issue, making your nose clean should be part of proper grooming. As far as nasal hairs are there for an important biological purpose, you don’t have to keep them grow in excessive number that makes you look unpleasant in front of others. Nasal hairs tend to increase in number as a person gets older and one of the most likely culprits is the hormonal changes associated to testosterone.

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It is true how nasal hairs have played a vital role in protecting your respiratory system against the threat of the outside pathogens such as dirt and dust that may enter the lungs. On the contrary, you don’t have to keep a lot of nose hair and look like a fool only to gain its benefits. You can keep a few nasal hairs and cut those that are found sticking outside your nose. An easy way to deal with sprouting hairs is through a nose hair removal. There are several ways of removing nose hair and there are devices which are specifically designed for a safety trimming.

What Are The Ways To Remove Nose Hair?

To satisfy your objective of cutting those coarse and embarrassing nose hairs, you must secure a trimming device that will not hurt the delicate tissue of your skin. It is important to remove those protruding hair in an affordable, safe and easy process and to avoid cutting yourself which may lead to irritation or infection.

Here are some of the ways to help you easily deal with your problems on unpleasant nasal hairs:

  1. Special Nose Hair Scissors. One of the best ways to eliminate wild hairs that growing out from your nostrils is through pruning with the use of a special nasal hair scissors. Hair clippers are specifically designed with a safety rounded tip. This will ensure not to cut or hurt the delicate tissue of your skin. Do not risk your skin’s safety through avoiding the use of garden shears or nail scissors. Though this tool is designed with a rounded tip for safety, you need to be very careful not to insert it inside your nose because it might prune something that might eventually damage your nose. Better remove those hairs which are only unpleasant sticking out from your nose. Remember to clean the scissor before and after using.
  2. Use Tweezers. The easiest way to use tweezers is to choose one that has slanted tip and handle. Since using tweezers is more difficult than scissors, you need enough light to help you with the trimming process. When choosing to pluck those coarse hair using tweezers, you need to be extra careful because this can be risky that may lead to bleeding or infection. Only pluck few hairs that seems awkward to a person staring at it in a reasonable distance. This process may be a bit painful so placing a small ice cube on top of the nostril can help numb the pain. Clean the tweezers after using.
  3. Waxing. One of the best ways of removing hair is through waxing. This may require a more complicated and painful process of removing hair but will assure to leave your nostril free from unpleasant hair for weeks making your nasal passages uncluttered.
  4. Nose Hair Trimmer. This device renders the most comfortable and easiest way to remove nasal hairs sticking out from the nose. There are various options in the market and choosing the best one will make trimming very easy and efficient. Either you opt for an electric powered or manual trimmer; this device is designed to be safely inserted in the nose. On one hand, it is not advisable to put the trimmer deep below the nose. Only remove the hairs which are picking below the nostrils and leave some to protect you from pollutants.

What are the Ways to Remove Nasal Hair Using a Nose Hair Trimmer?

As mentioned earlier, the most secure and easiest way to nose hair removal is using a hair trimmer. Manual and electric are two types of nose hair trimmer. A manual type is one that does not require a battery and can be operated through using both hands, while the electric one is powered by a battery that cuts hair quickly using one hand.

Here are some of the important ways to get rid of nasal hairs protruding out from your nose using a preferred nose hair trimmer:

  • Use a mirror on a well-lighter room. It is important to use a mirror when trimming with an ample light. This will guarantee that you are seeing yourself properly while trimming your nose hair to prevent damage on the skin.
  • Tilt your head back while inserting the device inside the nose. Choose a trimmer that can fit well inside your nose. Tilt your head back as you insert the trimmer but not to make it too deep into your nose. Using a circular motion, slowly move down the trimmer until you get satisfied with the result. After completing, you can move on trimming to the other nostril.
  • Blow your nose slightly using a tissue. This will help catch trimmings that are left on the nose.
  • Clean the trimmer after using. Always remember to clean the device once done with your trimming. Most nose hair trimmers can be easily washed with water.

Nose hair trimmer is designed with high end features to guarantee the safest and easiest manner to nose hair removal. Grooming devices such as the nose hair trimmer are designed to make the gross job of removing unwanted hair extra simple and comfortable. Whatever trimmer you choose, make sure to choose one that will remove protruding hair safely and not to damage the delicate cilia that protect your nose from pollutants. Remove stray and odd nose hair without damaging the lining of your nostril is made possible when picking up the best nose hair trimmer in the market.


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