The Art Of Thoughtful Gift Giving For Men: Electric Shavers

Yes. There is an art in gift giving. Do you wonder how your gift ends up in your relatives and friends homes? Most of the time, they end up as clutter, lying on the floor or discarded in some cabinet or drawer. This is especially true if you bought your present haphazardly. The worst that you can think of is whether these gifts were used at all. The old, over-used adage that ‘thought counts’ is the only important thing when you give a gift no longer serves it purpose. It actually does damage during special occasions like Christmas, Valentines, birthdays and anniversaries when the season asks you to give something special to you loved ones and friends. This is an important aspect of the gift to say the least – whether it can be used or not. Here at, we know that your choice of electric razor or any other men’s body grooming product as a gift has this intention in your mind so we feature the best shavers you can choose from.

And we can say that you made the right decision.

Electric razors and other body grooming products have use and purpose that serves the recipient of your gift well . The only remaining factors that you must think of in choosing from this array of products are given below:

Budget. Not everybody can just buy the latest and most expensive electric razors out there. But for those who can afford it, there is no reason why you should not give this as present to loved ones; you can at least consider Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D for example. For those whose budget has limitations, you can go either go for the time-tested, classic Philips HQ6990 or mid-range priced shavers like Philips Norelco 8020x. In short, just make your choice according to your budget.

Does it Suit the Recipient. Giving an electric razor as a gift is not just picking any model and giving it away. It is important to consider whether the electric shaver that you are going to give suits the personality and character of the recipient. You may also put into the equation the lifestyle that your recipient has. If he is always on the go, then you can give him what best suits him like electric shavers that can be used anywhere and has a long battery life.

These are basically the things that you should consider when choosing a body groomer product as a gift. Giving an electric razor is already a giant step in telling your loved ones that you care about them. And choosing what suits them according to your budget is another giant step in bringing a lasting memory of the gift that you gave them.

This in summary is the art of gift giving when you choose an electric razor or body grooming product as a present.

Happy Shopping!


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