Tips On Shaving With An Electric Shaver

If you’re used to shaving with a regular razor, making the switch over to an electric shaver can be a little tricky at first. There are different motions used, and it might feel a little weird at first. When you use an electric shaver, there are a few different techniques you’ll have to use in order to get the closest shave possible. However, it’s really not difficult; as long as you know what you’re doing, you should pick up on it rather quickly.

First, Prepare Your Face For Shaving

Before you even pick up your shaver, it’s a good idea to prepare your face first. There are some pre-shave lotions that are available which you might want to try, but simply using a hot towel can work just as well. This will make it easier to shave, and also make it more comfortable as well as it makes the hair softer. Just get a washcloth and use hot water (although not hot enough to burn yourself) and then press it to your face for a few minutes.

Find the Grain of Your Facial Hair

While you might be used to shaving with the grain with a regular razor, it’s actually much easier to go against the grain when you use an electric shaver. The best way to find out the grain of your facial hair is to simply run your hand through it. If you feel one direction giving more resistance than the other, you’ll know that you are going against the grain: the way you should be shaving with your electric razor.

However, if you have sensitive skin, this may not be an option. Shaving against the grain leads to more irritation, which might be too much for you. If so, you can go with the grain, although you won’t get quite as close of a shave this way.

Use a Proper Shaving Motion

Depending on the type of shaver you have, you’ll need to employ the proper shaving motion. A foil razor should be used against the grain, using long, straight shaving motions for the best shave possible. If you have a rotary shaver, the method is a bit different: instead of moving in straight motions, you run it in a circular motion on the face. It can be a little trickier to shave with a rotary shaver, because you need to make sure not to go over the same area too many times. This can lead to painful irritation, which is never good.

Post-Shave Tips

Some men are fine with just washing their face off with warm water. It’s important to note that you should never use alcohol-based aftershave, which can cause irritation. Some men might prefer to use a facial moisturizing cream, which can help prevent irritation as well.

Be sure to clean out your electric shaver after you’re done; most shavers will come with a small brush to help with this task. You’ll want to apply some lubrication to the blades as well, although this isn’t necessary to do every time you use it.


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