Wahl 5537-1801 Cordless Battery Operated Beard Trimmer With Bonus Ear, Nose And Brow Trimmer Review (2022)

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If shaving is part of your regular grooming, choose this Wahl machine and maximize your trimming benefits with the following:

  • Achieve accurate and precise trims. There is no worry to look awkward in front of others because this device has the capacity to deliver strong performance by cutting your hairs in precise and accurate length. Also, blades are designed in small width which is effective to trim the contours of the face.
  • Great savings. The blades of this machine are made from high-carbon steel which could not be easily broken after years of usage. This means that you can save your money from buying another blade for almost a year of usage.
  • No power interruption. This trimer is battery operated (single “AA”) so no worries of chords or recharging because the battery power can last for 90 minutes.

Efficient trimming. With adjustable trim length, you can get an exact and precise trim length the way you wanted to be. Likewise, keep secured that annoying hairs on the tough to reach areas can be cleanly trimmed.

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Best WAHL Beard Trimmer With Additional Personal Trimmer

Great Size, Great Accessories, Great Price – This kit is amazing. The blades are still sharp, the batteries are still strong and it cuts like butter. Nothing on this squeaks or creaks while in your hands, for such a cheap trimmer the build quality is definitely up there


Some customers would comment on how this trimmer shaved on thicker hairs. For some, this device does not comfortably shave the thicker hairs of the face but is only effective for the nose and ears. Nonetheless, this device is better for shaving thinner hairs on the face as well as on the nose and ears.


The device works absolutely well in cleaning mustaches, beards, and hairs on the nose, face and ears as commended by many users. It has a pretty good amazon customer rating for a trimmer that renders outstanding performance on a cheaper price!

As people age, the tendency of growing annoying hairs on the nose, ears, and face is higher. As this is a common issue for both men and women, an ultimate solution is needed to efficiently do the job of cutting hair efficiently. Wahl is a brand that provides maximum alternatives with its extensive range of grooming devices. The revolutionary Wahl 5537-1801 Cordless Battery Operated Beard Trimmer with Bonus Ear, Nose and Brow Trimmer works best in making you look good by getting rid of those unwanted hairs. Enjoy the powerful performance of this trimmer as you get total satisfaction with your trimming needs.


This Wahl device is made from high-end features which are proven renowned to satisfy your trimming needs. The below features are the best reasons why this trimmer is favored by most users:

  • High Carbon Steel Blades. The blades are ground to ensure that they don’t easily break. Also, high carbon steel blades are proven to be more efficient than stainless steel blades. Because of this feature that the user doesn’t even have to replace the blade for a year.
  • Highly Immersible with Wet/Dry Feature. The device lets you do your trimming in and out of the shower and is easy to clean because this could be easily rinsed in water.
  • Five Position Guide. This allows the user to easily adjust the trimming length that enables to achieve an even shaving. Stubble, medium, and long beards are some of the trim lengths that can be adjusted when using this feature.
  • Lightweight Ergonomic Design. This provides the user to easily hold and use the device as well as for easy storage.


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