What To Get Your Husband For Valentine’s Day? – Top Manscaping Picks 2022

Let’s face it, men’s idea for a romantic valentines gift are far from women’s ultimate favorites-roses, chocolates and jewelry.  It’s not the price tag that matters as well since men want anything they can use or get their hands busy with.  So what do men want?  It’s simple; something manly, useful or state of the art.  Yet, if you value cozy nights you’ll stay away from gaming consoles or anything with an LCD screen that runs games.  With these simple tips, this time of year, make sure that your man gets to use his gift (and not overly) with BGC’s Top Manscaping Picks.

Top Pick Number 1 – SensoTouch 3D

The SensoTouch 3D is your Wii in terms of gaming consoles.  Philips Norelco claims the series to be their most innovative product yet and why wouldn’t it be?  It’s got state of the art features that will help your man achieve a clean and close shave.  Rotating blades is the series’ notable feature but it offers even more- adjustable shaving head so it follows the contours of the face, automatic shaving and longer cordless shaving.

Price Range: Splurge

Top Pick Number 2 – Vacuum Beard Trimmer

For those who keep a beard, this model is luckily a no-mess trimmer.  This shaver also comes with different combs so keeping beard at a suitable length is easy.  And because of its vacuum feature, this says goodbye to messy bathroom sinks and trash bins.

Price Range: Budget

Top Pick Number 3 – Classic HQ6990

The HQ6990 is your classic dry shaver for those who prefer a no-mess dry shave.  Its the perfect valentines gift for men who are always on the go and don’t have that much time to spend shaving.  Not only does it achieve a clean shave, its corded/cordless feature means no dangling wires yet if you do forget to charge, it can still be used.

Price Range: Budget

Top Pick Number 4 – Bodygroom Pro

This is a no-frills manscaping tool.  Men don’t have to go painful crazy with razors or hair waxing dealing with chest, back or under the belt hair.  With this shaver, men can now say goodbye to razor cuts or the stinging skin that results after waxing.

Price Range: Budget

Top Pick Number 5 – Nivea Shaver for Men

For ingenuity, BGC gives this shaver a 10 rating.  This shaver from Philips Norelco is a one of a kind for being the in-between of a dry and wet shave.  Yes, this is for the man who is always on the go but is not totally crazy about a dry shave.  Oozing Nivea shaving cream in the shaving head itself, this shaver not only achieves a close shave but a comfortably moisturized one.

Price Range: Mid-Range

Not only did BGC give our Top Picks of valentine’s gifts for men, we also gave you shavers made by one of the best manufacturers, Philips Norelco.


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