Your Ultimate Guide To Buying Braun Shavers In 2023

When it comes to foil shavers, Braun has yet to be the brand to beat. Today, it is one of the best shaver brands because it delivers a close and comfortable shave that can even surpass a rotary shaver’s performance. Its foil shaving technology utilizes Pulsonic technology, vibrating the shaver head for up to 10,000 microvibrations. These vibrations then allow the shaver head to capture more hair in just one stroke and at the same time, allow its trimmers to cut effectively. Apart from this feature however, Braun have added in a few innovative technologies to allow for an even more personalized shave for the men who are always on the go.

Notable Braun Features

  • Active Lift. The trimmers first lifts the hair to allow cutting the hair to as short as possible without skin irritation. This system is fully adaptable to all types of hair, even flat-lyging ones.
  • Triple Action Cutting. There are three cutting blades that ensure a quick and closer shave.
  • Washable. All Braun shavers are washable under running tap water.
  • Clean& Renew. Available in the latest 7 series model, this system automatically cleans, dries and lubricates the shaver. It also acts a stand or holder for the shaver
  • Fully Flexible. The shaving head which contains the foil and blades are fully flexible allowing the shaver to follow the contour of the face.

The Latest from Braun Shavers

The series 7 from Braun by far exceeds expectations from a foil shaver. The brand has successfully added a few features that can make this age-old shaving system be at par with even the latest and most innovative rotary shavers. The 790cc-4 model for instance, has a flexible shaving head that allows for a maximum adaptability to facial contours. This should successfully shave hard to reach areas such as the space between the lips and nose, below the jaw area and the Adam’s apple area.

Of course, this new series has the usual Braun features ActiveLift, OptiFoil and the Triple Action Cutting System which all works together to cut hair to the shortest possible therefore delivering a close yet comfortable shave. One of the notable features this series have is its Clean&Renew System which allows for quick maintenance of blades.

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